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CUExperiments is a collective of experimental handmade projects I've personally designed & created. Each experiment is fabricated through the inspirations of everyday living.

-Cory U

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What’s a weekend FamJam without a few goofy photos? 

Things I need to remember:

- My brother will always take the opportunity of snapping silly awkward photos of me when he’s given a camera

- We all take ridiculous selfies that are never shared with anyone but ourselves

- We all have far too much fun together (not complaining)

- I need to stop wearing big flowing outfits to windy locations 

-Cory U

PS I even made a note about loose-fitting clothes the last time this happened! 

PPS I expect to get in trouble for posting these…

My cousin came to visit this summer & I got to play tour guide around my new Toronto home. She lives roughly 4 hours away & had never really experienced the city for more than a few hours here & there.

I made sure she played the tourist roll properly, starting with the basic VIA clock photo at Union Station & documenting her first streetcar ride. 

We toured my home by the beach & walked every which direction of Toronto we possibly could in a short few days. I think I wore out her feet pretty well.

More photos to come… You can follow her own tumblr at itsnomers

-Cory U

During my childhood, I was trialling meds for arthritic pains much similar to what I have now. I got an ulcer & had to go for some stomach scan that involved drinking a giant “strawberry milkshake”. When your body hurts & your stomach hates you, the last thing you want is some doctors’ chalk tasting smoothie concoction. Out of frustration & pain, I ended up throwing the milkshake at my mother. 

Last night my mother offered to deliver a strawberry milkshake to throw at her to help deal with my pains now. (Got to love mothers.) My motto of the week is now, “Don’t Panic & Carry a Strawberry Milkshake”. 

I’ve had one already this week! 

-Cory U

PS I didn’t throw it at anybody…

If you told me ten years ago that I’d be hanging out with my brother more when I moved away than when I lived together, I wouldn’t believe you. He used to dress goth, I was more prep, & (in basic terms) he didn’t want to be seen with me. Things sure do change!

For multiple hang outs now, we’ve made it a mission to eat a whole bowl full of ramen. (Kinton Ramen challenge to be exact.) Bringing along my bestie, we chowed down on yummy spicy noodles with a mission in mind. We all failed. Still had a blast trying & watching every group around us trump our eating habits. This one guy was a regular champ & finished his 30th bowl!

…one day perhaps.

Ended the night with the most amazing view from the roof tops of Kensington.

-Cory U

PS WOW! You sure can tell we’re related can’t you?!

Teaching @its_nomers how to crochet!

Speaking of Dana’s Aussie family, I have never been so beautifully taken care of by a “stranger” family before. Far from strangers now, they took us both in so wonderfully & made us feel at home so well. To thank them for their help & support in those 6 months, we took them out for dinner before saying our final goodbyes.

Thanks to Sylvia, Mimo, & their girls Melanie & Natalie for making that time in Melbourne even more wonderful.

-Cory U

PS I love how it looks like the only meal we could afford to buy them was pizza… The restaurant was known for their wood oven pizzas, that’s all.

Some of the best food experiences were definitely with Dana’s Aussie relatives. It was the first time I’d ever made Gnocchi & something I’ll always remember. Besides having some drama with a light bulb breaking while making the dough, the pasta turned out amazing! It took the entire group of us to roll, cut & mark the pasta, & by the end we were all just hungry & craving it. Delicious!

-Cory U

There’s nothing like a morning spent catching up with family. Sad faces from Lyd missing me, happy faces from stories by Nomi, & first day of school anticipation by the most excited of all, Josh! Miss them all! x (Taken with Instagram)

I missed a fam jam this summer & a rare occassion to see all my cousins on my Mum’s side together. At least I got to see & hear them through this video Naomi put together! 

I know this won’t be appreciated the same way for anyone else, but I had to share anyways. My cousins got caught in a bad storm that weekend, so even a family Skype couldn’t happen to say hello. These are the only messages I got from that weekend together.

Miss em all! & I definitely had some fun listening to their riddles & watching their amazing quirkiness like I would’ve if I had been there.

-Cory U

Wilkie Reaume Walk - for Coryna (by Connect3hree)

I know this would’ve made his day to see; My brother was reblogged from singer/song-writer, Meiko, after featuring her in his Smokin’ Sirens series. Very cool!

-Cory U


Thanks nicholasursino This is really cool :)

Besides relying on the power of technology, this weekend felt anything but a travelers weekend. Worked the day, sleepover by night & a day of baking cookies & sharing with family.

Favourite parts? Junk food & movies with the girls. Baking delicious chocolate chip sugar cookies with Oreo middles. & Skype with Naomi for hours on end. It was the first time talking to friends & family without having to worry about Internet since traveling in LA!

-Cory U

PS I tried sharing a cookie with Naomi… I was less than successful.

My family keeps sending me secretive videos that I’m not allowed to share. Thank goodness I’m good at keeping secrets… just not smiling faces.

Here’s a sneak of Josh jamming to One Direction on Naomi’s lap. I’ve been hooked watching those smiling faces all week! Keep them coming Naomi! 

-Cory U

I sent out another bunch of postcards to family last week. My family’s too big & I’ve had to be strategic in sending out snail mail. Costly, but nothing beats a cheesy postcard that’s traveled the globe to get to you.

My little sister, D, just got hers in the mail. She took the photo of me jumping on the beaches in Florida, so I figured a jumping kangaroo on the beaches would be a perfect fit. I think she appreciated it.

-Cory U

PS D Tweets & Blogs too!

Another productive day! Wrote a bunch of postcards & now prepping a short video to go along with tomorrow’s Great Ocean Road post. Surprise family! You’ll be getting hand written messages in 2 weeks time. No “sea mail” this time.

Tomorrow’s video is a special one specifically for my cousin, Naomi. Just wish it wasn’t so windy for recording. I tried. (Video here)

-Cory U

PS I forgot how hard it was to write on a postcard! Too much to say & no room for it all!

PPS I sent something that was too heavy by sea a month ago. It still has 2 months of shipping to go. No joke!

I’m missing out on some great family fun this weekend. My brother & Mum headed down to see the rest of the gang & sent me some love in a little video.

My favourite parts?

  • 3 y/o Josh thinking I’m in the camera… (Lyd too!)
  • Josh singing “Dad is home” to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me”
  • Nick’s fist pump
  • Grandma begging me to come home to fix her home theatre. (I’m the techy of the family afterall)… As you wish, Grandma ;)
Easter Update (by Connect3hree)
-Cory U