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A Canadian traveling. Currently blogging about my adventure stories, hobbies & inspiring finds.

I can be bribed with coffee...

CUExperiments is a collective of experimental projects I've personally designed & created. Each experiment is fabricated through the inspirations of everyday living.

-Cory U
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First sweater experiment for CUExperiments! Definitely my favourite part of making a new pattern. Love figuring it all out first hand & designing something brand new. Still a long work in progress but this is definitely working out better than anyone else’s pattern I’ve tried to learn with. Complete DIY project.

-Cory U

Teaching @its_nomers how to crochet!

Cross stitch. What a perfect name for the moment… Cross & stitching.

Working in the morning sunlight. New experiment for #cuexperiments.

Something new #wip #cuexperiments #crochet #handmade

Go check it out. I dare you.

-Cory U


Working to finish a very special experiment inspired by my travels, Australia & letter writing today. #handmade #cuexperiments (Taken with Instagram)

Working on some finishing touches to one of my latest experiments. Can you guess the inspiration?

-Cory U

Working on another wreath experiment, among with a whole lot of other ideas racing in my head. Not enough time for myself anymore! (Taken with Instagram)

Flat Fox! A #handmade WIP CUExperiment in the making. (Taken with instagram)

Working on a new crochet experiment. Hoping to get the CUE etsy shop up & running again soon. I’m too hooked to stop!

-Cory U

Late night sewing experiment… Slipper socks! Pattern almost completed in half a days work. (Taken with instagram)

I may be without a voice & have a nice cold to deal with, but that just means I have more time to experiment!

“Finished a Teddy Bear Scarf today, my newest experiment to add to the bunch.” (Taken with Instagram)

-Cory U

Which Rudolph do you like best? #helpme #handmade #crafts (Taken with instagram)

Working on some new bunnies. Meet Fufu’s cousin, Fifi!

(Taken with Instagram)

-Cory U