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It only took me a few months but I finally got down to the Docklands. Thank goodness for twitter or else I wouldn’t know of half the things I find to do. I wish I had found out about the market before its last day, but at least I got to go.

The People’s Market is fairly new & it looks like it can bring in a different venue crowd on a weekly basis. Since it’s end of season, I have a feeling it was a mellow kind of day for the market. It’s a unique space since with booths set up in & around shipping containers. Great touristy backdrops & graffiti make up the walls of the grounds. Mostly vintage pieces, it was fun walking around & checking out all the unique items for sale; fringe & neon anyone?

Seeing a booth selling Aussie animal cuisine, we couldn’t resist. Me & friend, ZoĆ«, ended up snacking on a Croc Burger, Kangaroo on a stick & Croc spring roles. Tastes like chicken to me. Best were the spring roles.

-Cory U

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