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CUExperiments is a collective of experimental projects I've personally designed & created. Each experiment is fabricated through the inspirations of everyday living.

-Cory U
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It’s been a while since I’ve tried to tape for support of my hands, wrists & arms. It’s also been a realllly hard week to get through so I’m desperate to try anything for relief. Not sure if it’s the varying rain clouds or what, but I’m so So SO tempted to just head to the airport & find my next ticket to the desert. This Canadian weather is killing me!

Here’s hoping the tape helps. Going into it’s 14th hour.

-Cory U

Found a CUExperiment dress circa 2010 today. Still fits like a glove 4 years later.

Wish I still had that energy in my hands to crunch these out today. Goal to look forward to.

-Cory U

Weather’s warmer & what does that mean? It’s the perfect chance for a slouchy sweater to throw on those Spring dresses you just can’t wait to wear. 

Found Here on Etsy.

-Cory U of CUExperiments

Stay tough in this crazy weather & keep your head warm.

Studs + Bow Headband by CUExperiments on etsy.

-Cory U

Studs + Bows Headband coming soon! #cuexperiments

If Charlotte made sweater’s instead of webs…

Charlotte’s Sweater. By Cory U of CUExperiments. In the etsy shop.

-Cory U

This song has been on repeat rotation for me since I snatched up this album. Love love love!

Thrive. By Switchfoot.

Click. Listen & Enjoy.

-Cory U

Check out what’s new & popping up on the virtual racks of the CUExperiments etsy shop. Handmade & designed by me, @cory_u (at

If Charlotte made sweater’s instead of webs, this would be where she’d start…

Brand new sweaters are slowly hitting CUExperiments on etsy. Handmade & designed by me, Cory U. Seven plus hours of work go into stitching each one. 

-Cory U

HITRECORD is now on television with some pretty awesome short segments & collaborations. This is Episode #1.

Click. Watch. & Enjoy.

-Cory U

Just a few more photos from New York (& a couple rant/blurbs)…

  • An evening view of the Empire State Building. Seriously, if anyone told you to meet them at the top, odds are you’d catch them in the security lines beforehand. 
  • Catching a Broadway show of Matilda. I got a lecture for asking for a programme after I’d been seated. Weird. The production itself was fun. 
  • Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery. I saved it for breakfast.
  • A Mocha at Serendipity. Honestly, the line-up & wait isn’t worth the chocolate you’re given. Find a Wafels & Dinges truck & get a hot chocolate there instead.
  • Christmas windows on 5th Ave. Tiffany’s in clear view. 

- Cory U

PS One last rant… Somehow I still walked faster than most around me in New York (& this excludes the shoppers).

I walked through Central Park twice when I was in New York. It’s amazing seeing such a large leisurely space in the middle of a giant city. The only way I get the same feeling at home, is living near the lake!

I only got to walk through the lower half but still saw so many iconic spots. With everything I discovered, I still think my favourite silly memory was spotting Big Bird.

-Cory U

Helloooo Times Square!

It wouldn’t be a trip to New York without it now would it? Especially being a first time trip. 

That night, instead of drinks out, some of us girls had a one-track mind focused solely on cheesecake. I don’t even think the connotation of New York-style cheesecake was thought of. We just wanted cheesecake. A quick stop-over at Junior’s Bakery hit the spot. It was so packed in there that people were actually sitting on the patio in zero degree weather. We grabbed our New York style cheesecake to go instead.

-Cory U

We froze our butts off as we made it across to Liberty Island. 

The day we went across, ferries were delayed due to ice. We were by the water, standing in slush & snow, & covered in shade. As we stood to wait for the security doors to open I decided it was the coldest moment I’ve had since waiting for the ttc after University mid-terms during a snow storm. I don’t think I thawed out until late that evening.

Somehow a friend taking my photo chopped off half of Lady Liberty in the process. I’ll blame the bright sun & our ice cold bodies for that one. Taking a selfie wasn’t any easier…

If I ever go to the island again, I’ll wait til the summer season. Even rain would be better. 

After this, I stood outside for longer on a pretty tasty food truck tour. Totally recommended if you so happen to like eating food.

-Cory U

Before ringing in the New Year, I took a whirlwind trip to New York City. I doubt I’ll ever plan something so close to the holidays again as work was rushed, packing was rushed, & present shopping had to be strategically planned out. Lucky for me, I’ve had lots of practice with time crunches… & packing.

Pictured here: Yellow cabs, Grand Central Station (& the Whispering Gallery), Rockefeller centre tree in perfect snowing conditions.

-Cory U

PS The Whispering Gallery is a miraculous architectural spot where if you stand at opposing corners & speak to the wall, you can converse with each other from across the hall. It’s eerie to hear & you look crazy doing it.