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& can secretly be bribed with coffee... shhh!

Currently blogging about my adventures, hobbies & inspiring finds.

CUExperiments is a collective of experimental handmade projects I've personally designed & created. Each experiment is fabricated through the inspirations of everyday living.

-Cory U

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I think everyone’s who’s a coffee addict like me will agree to this…

(via Funny Coffee Mug A Yawn is a Silent Scream by MorningSunshineShop)

-Cory U

Spending the afternoon in one of my favourite central coffee shops, getting some much needed work done. (I hope so at least.) It saddens me to admit I have to grasp cups with two hands these days because my grip & strength is so weak now.

Also, reminding myself that I should start posting coffee cozies on CUExperiments again. I use one every chance I get & I should let you too!

-Cory U

There’s a few new colourful experiments that have popped up in the etsy shop. Inspiration of rainbows, unicorns, & vibrant neon pom-poms.

Have you checked them out yet?

-Cory U

The Neon Rose Sweater. It took over 40 hours to design, two different sized crochet hooks, & lots of small balls of yarn for all those colourful rose stitches.

Originally blogged about in May, this new experiment is now available at CUExperiments on etsy.

Available in Black with Pink Roses & Linen with Orange Roses.

-Cory U

New experiments are coming to CUExperiments on etsy soon. In the mean time, new colours of some of my favourite pieces are now available. After all, everyone should have at least one red hat.

-Cory U

I’ve listened to Anchor & Braille from the start. Their music has recaptured my soul once again. I’ve had to their albums on repeat a lot lately. Can’t wait until there’s more!

Stephen Christian is one of my top favourite artists, bar none.

-Cory U

It’s sad to say that the end of summer is coming up fast. For being home most of this season, I’ve still had a great time & a good amount of whirlwind adventures.

Here’s just a few snaps of some early summer moments: park days with family, nights out with friends, discovering city treasures & festivals, & lots of beach moments.

I just wish there was more time for more adventures with warm, sunny weather. Here’s to hoping Autumn stays just as nice so we can squeeze a few more in.

-Cory U

We live in such a beautiful world.

-Cory U


Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego

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  • ME: Someone messaged me recently through Tumblr & I'd like to respond, however, since I'd like to keep my blog mostly PG & I don't know how to contact them back, I've had to edit their message by using this route instead.
  • This message was a response to a recent post on my Arthritis struggles (found at
  • ANONYMOUS: Would you ever like to talk with someone who also has RA and a bunch of s&!%? You seem really chill and im looking for someone to sort of talk to who is experiencing similar stuff
  • ME: Who ever sent me this response, I would for sure being will to chat. I wrote my original post to find relatable individuals such as yourself. Please send me a way to respond directly & I'd love to talk about anything & everything with you.
  • Thanks!
  • -Cory U

Copeland can make Ordinary sound Extraordinary.

Click. Listen & Enjoy.

Ordinary. By Copeland.

I can’t wait for more.

-Cory U 

I was diagnosed as “The Mystery Child” when I was seven. I had pains in my body without much proper scientific proof to label it much of anything, but they monitored me as having Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I spent my childhood years at a SickKids Hospital with blips of signs, but mostly just symptoms of pain. Much to my fears that mystery diagnosis sure as heck remains true today. It’s said that I could have RA, or there are theories of “lingering JRA pains” (yes, pretty well the same thing), but nothing is official & everything remains a whole lot of a mystery until something scientific proves otherwise. ("Mystery Child" for life.

It’s been a rather odd week of events on the Rheumatology front for me. More tests are coming my way & lots more questions are on the table. I wouldn’t normally share all this (I like being vague & a mystery of my own merits) but I sure as heck can’t be the only one trying to figure out their body the same way that I struggle & I’ve come to the point where I want to share.

To recap the past 19 months somewhat quickly, both my wrists have been in pain. I’ve had X-Rays (fabulous hospital wear, eh?), Ultrasounds (why is that jelly goop always so cold!), MRI scans (a room with great bass beats), & multiple blood tests (just, yuck!). I’ve been on every Med imaginable except for Biologics (need the proof factors first) & had some pretty horrible side effects from most. Side effects from twitching chins, to spinning rooms, to me lying on the floor unable to move. I’ve had to adapt bunches to every day living & have lined up continuous Physio sessions to keep me going. I now think of crocheting as a great hand exercise & am a huge advocate for kinesiology tape (that stuff has become a great conversation starter). The issue is, no test comes back with any science to prove my pains as of yet & until what is happening on that tiny, unknown & microscopically small scale surfaces, I’ll never be anything more than an unknown mystery that is unofficially labeled as Arthritis.  

My own experimenting (because this is a blog of mostly experiments after all):  Since medications haven’t worked to benefit me, I’ve become med-free & feel better not having my mind & body reliant on pills for relief. The side effects disrupted me far too much. I’m also experimenting with diet since (if you really think about it), everything that you put in your body reacts in different ways. I know there’s lots of people out there with plenty of different diet ideals that think I’m kooky for this one, but I’ve started to eat vegan as an experiment of my own. It’s been a number of weeks now & I’ve been able to notice that I’ve been less dependant on weather changes (I can normally predict storms through pain) & have been more in tuned with my body to find certain foods as aggravators. I may introduce animal products to see how I react in time, but for now, I’m perfectly fine without them.   

Today: After last weeks’ appointments, I’m waiting for more mysteries to be solved. My muscle mass has become what my doctor has stated “is far too weak for your age”. “Do you struggle to brush your hair, & take things from top shelves?” I had to admit I’ve given up brushing my hair (it’s long enough with a beachy look that no one notices), & that since I live alone & am a bit of a shorty, my top shelves are used more for storage than anything else. So now I’m waiting for electrode-like muscle tests & more blood results. Today I found out, I have to re-do blood work because of what I’ve interpreted to be “bad science" or how they explained it, "a hiccup from what your normal tests look like". If it isn’t, they’ll be more questions to solve than answers to resolve.

& that’s where I stand today.

-Cory U

PS If you’re in a similar situation, I’d LOVE to hear from you! Message through tumblr or @cory_u

Wow! Just wow! Crochet is such a unique & creative platform for design. These shoes are so much fun!

-Cory U


Crochet fruity shoes by Fruit Punch on etsy

Have you checked out the Open Back Tank at CUExperiments on Etsy yet? My favourite is definitely the Open Back Tank in Rose. Of course, that’s probably because the Linen colour makes me look so ghostly. No matter what I did I couldn’t beat the pale ghost-like imagery of the Linen colour against my colourless skin, so I just embraced it instead. Whites, creams, some yellows, even some soft pinks are soooo not good on me.

If this is the first time you’ve seen this new experiment, you can read more on the design process here. Each tank takes well over a day of stitching away to complete from start to finish. It’s a great workout for my arthritic hands!

Available in more colours upon request.

-Cory U

My mind screamed “WOMBAT!” the moment I saw this. These pieces are so dream-like…. & yes, I’ve totally dreamed of wombats. I’d want one as a pet, you know? If only.

-Cory U


Illustrated pillows by flossypArt

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1000 Forms of Fear

Happy Weekend! I’m off to farm country today, but before I go, a song. 

I’ve had some pretty weird, kind of tough times lately. This song fits pretty perfectly with all that. 

Click. Listen. & Enjoy.

Elastic Heart. By Sia feat. The Weeknd & Diplo.

-Cory U

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